Qui è dove nasce lo spumante Canevel, il cuore dell’azienda. Una cantina moderna, con macchinari, strutture e competenze all’avanguardia, per continuare la nostra tradizione di ricerca di una qualità sempre superiore nella produzione di Valdobbiadene Spumante.

La nuova sede di Canevel Spumanti è a Valdobbiadene in località Saccol, in una struttura completamente restaurata, e attrezzata per soddisfare tutte le esigenze funzionali, dalla raccolta delle uve alla vinificazione, dall’imbottigliamento allo stoccaggio dei prodotti, alla spedizione di vini a clienti, enoteche, ristoratori.

Un processo controllato in tutte le fasi della produzione, per garantire ai nostri spumanti i più alti livelli qualitativi.

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btc blender

Supporting multiple types of cryptocurrency, blender bitcoin is one of the most flexible Bitcoin tumblers available today. Besides requiring a minimum deposit, service fees are charged, and users are required to register to use this site. Referral programs are also on offer along with support for multiple recipient addresses (max 10).

Ethereum Mixer

Ethereum Mixer offers a good number of features and has a no logs policy. To get started, you’ll need to deposit a minimum of 0.0015 BTC with no transaction fees charged. As an added plus, Ethereum Mixer supports multiple addresses with a maximum of 5. You won’t have to register to use this service – which is great for those who prize their privacy. However, the site does not offer a referral program.


CoinMixer is being listed at the #1 spot here, well that’s not without substance. The top reasons why I’m in love with this Bitcoin tumbler is because it’s fast, takes care of our anonymity and privacy, and has a very negligible fee. Smartmix bitcoin mixing service The payout is almost instant, all it needs is 2 confirmations for the dirty coins being sent in to be cleaned or tumbled. No account needs to be created to clean your coins either. They have advanced options which let you set “delayed payouts” which further increase your anonymity and make it hard to link the coins going inside to the coins coming out. There’s even an option to add up to 5 addresses, so your coins are broken down into 5 different parts and sent to the different addresses again adding another layer of anonymity. The minimum amount too is pretty low being just 0.001BTC while the maximum limit is 15.32BTC. It’s pocket-friendly as well, with the fee being just 0.5% per mix 0.0001BTC/address, in fact, it probably is one of the lowest fee in the industry altogether. As for anonymity, they delete all logs related to your mix after 7 days which finally erases the last thread which could ever be linked back to you. So yes, enough reasons to list it at the #1 spot, don’t you agree?


What marks SmartMixer out from the crowd is the fact that this crypto mixer is able to process transactions for Bitcoin and Litecoin. There is a minimum deposit requirement for both Bitcoin and Litecoin. The site is able to support a maximum of 5 multiple addresses with confirmation required for all addresses. No site registration is required and there is a referral program in place. Additionally, SmartMixer can provide clients with a letter of guarantee.


Let’s take a look at another one of the leading bitcoin mixers which is incredibly easy to operate. CoinMixer has a straightforward interface and it is worth mentioning that the service fee is the lowest possible, it is 0.0% with 0.0002 BTC per extra address. Retention period is 7 days when it is easy for a user to manually remove all the logs which are saved for this period because of any future transaction-related problems. There is a time-delay feature, however, it is not possible to be controlled by a user but the mixing platform only.